B:GROUP holding as general partner for the Half-marathon of Havlíčkův Brod

Back Published: 30. 5. 2016

Preparations for the 3rd Havlíčkův Brod Half Marathon, which takes place on 17 September 2016, are already underway. We are pleased that, as in previous years, we can announce this year that B:GROUP Holding has become the general partner and the main organizer of the event.

This year brings numerous innovations and improvements. For the ever-increasing interest, the capacity of the race was increased to 600 runners, including runners in relays of two and four. The new race will be the race of the company relay teams. We are also proud to announce that our race has been elected for the Czech Veteran Half Marathon Championship. Last but not least, the website has undergone a complete transformation, which, together with the new logo, captures the race atmosphere as an event that offers entertainment for the whole family. We, therefore, hope that in September we will meet together at the sports ground in the Na Plovárenské area, where we will start the race and enjoy the day together.

For further information on the race at www.hbpulmaraton.cz.