The vision of the B:GROUP is doing ethical business, its steady growth and professionalism in anything we do. Our business increases the well-being of human society by increasing the effectivity in production (automation), creating a clean environment (renewable energy source) and by building enjoyable workspace for people (real estate).

The B:GROUP holding historically continues the works of Bohemian Technologies, a company that was in the Czech market since 2000. Bohemian Technologies provided services on the field of industrial automation and measuring and regulating in building construction. In 2009, the B: GROUP Holding was created  as a result of restructuring the company B: TECH (former Bohemian Technologies) in order to improve the concentration on the key business and to increase the quality of risk management for shareholders and private investors.

The B:GROUP is owned by Ing. Antonín Urban. The total assets of the group are 558 million CZK, the equity is 241 million.